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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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a fox 8 i-team exclusive giving the give a new lease into the death of cory barroniv repot you details last night, tonight they say they're learning more, here's peggy gallek. investigators with the group spoke to a member in friday
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investigationay of his son to a tier of cory barron , since the i-team story thursday, they have received tips. >> we got several calls one that might have potential identified one of the individualsv in section 541 thousand thousand cory barron died after falling down ad garbage chute at a jason aldeang concert in 2014 is a body found found in a landfill four days laterer. >> investigators, former federal agents spent eight months looking into his death and they don't believe that the 6-foot two cory barron got into it voluntarilyo they believe how . >> after about 45, something happenedd. >> he said he had bruises to the
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death andadd told by witness in section 541t that shortly before he was missing he was seen arguing with a young man, they said that when he left he was followed by the men and friends. >> more people we talked to for more information we will get. >> they showed pictures of others sectionon these are witnesses that they need to contact. >> the family, say that they just want to know what happened. >> his father spoke to us friday andat asked for the public's help. >> anybody who may have information, that's when cendant
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seen that might help us. >> reward of up to $10,000 for conviction, if you have information go to fox >> i-team . copy of wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city and two officersopl filed friday by the mother of a general brandon jones was killed in the the place march 2013 after he broke into a corner store near parkland and primrose thend suit states that they shawn jones even though he was not armed and not resisting . the . police union said that it was justified,, administrators say they have not yet seen the suit so they cannot comment.isn >> an officer under arrest accused of assaulting a woman they say that he got into a fightch and acquaintance 5:00 a.m.
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say that he will be suspended without pay until investigations are completed,i still trying to determine what led to the murder of a tuscarawas county woman, the 39-year-old darlene renner was found stabbed to death in her midvale mobile home park her boyfriends so joe son called 911 about 4:00 a.m. and said he will go to her screening process that is when he encountered an intruder, the father says thatt he had a great relationship with the victimayay. >> why did they pick our house ? what did we ever do, we are hard-working people,at we pay our bills and try to get ahead in life and fatete, we were happy, feel like i have been robbed . >> his son is held on an unrelated charge. >> police arrested a third
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month oldrr anzio . they say that charles caldwell involved in a shooting that killed aavielle wakefield . simply the wrong car was targeted last month alone he said when 45th two others have been indicted a little man under arrest accused of shooting cars with an ak-47 they worked with the task force to arrest 20 -year-oldt . anders charged with felonious assault they say he fired at five cars at wade park this month syllables put into a house where people were not injured, they identified in 3-d and eight on the showcasing . camera rolling as workers at city hall opened the purse bids
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security equipment for the rnc farm equipment bought his police bikes crowd control fencing, please someone send bulletproof vest 14 companies turned in bids , only for northeast ohio including rust belt welding . make it exciting experience the largest project we have been involved withth and learn a lot about the process as a whole and learned a lot as aol starter campaign in case anything like this comes in the future. >> the city's board of control will review the bids and pick the winning companies.t cabeza raincoats now or also for the pin on the track can be temperature profilelehe if you travel a special east and
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most of the state to the south . we could get grace with the northwest fringe . you will you'll hear the heat several times tonight .. tomorrow night, talked about snowfall potentially not expect anything major .
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. saint augustine, hunger center preparing for easter sunday to serve 10,000 meals served at 16 different sites and deliver to those who cannot leave home . they still need food donations and volunteers to. >> about 4,000 deliveries we do this easter sunday to need people who can deliver to the shut-ins . whoever and wherever they are all over .. >> anybody who can help or wants to donate food or anybody
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contact saint augustine church. >> wanted people signed up to take part in the fifth annual saint baldrick's fundraiser at rainbow babies and children's hospital,, more than $1 million has been raised and donated by saint baldrick's because to the oncology department at rainbow babies and children's hospital of the event included staff patients and some say shave their heads and others cut their hair short and donated it. >> this is our second year for thehe shave event last year we shavede in solidarity, she is not 18 months into treatment and will finish up hopefully 2017. >> it has been busy all day we have 104 people signed up to shave her goal is to raise
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$85,000 . >> saint baldrick's foundation is is the largest volunteer fundraising program for
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a gross gesture came full circle told you about a little darryl ellysong she will let her two canton officer ryan davis offered her allowance money to help pay for bulletproof vestrt or k-9 officers, ossie davis says the officer who lost his k-9 partner jethro in jethro in
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and his new k-9 partner tuko. get-go's death inspired a group of young people, today ashland can officer visited black river middle schoololede after students raise money to get the dog a bulletproof vestar it was the idea of a school student council who had some extra money from dances they said a great way to put the moneyay towards something to help the whole committee and excited to meet him . he's a sweetheart, which it comes down to it she does her jobwt. >> the school got together for the assembly to present the money to the sheriff's departmentss . >> avon police officer dash-cam rolling as he crashed into a utility truck around 2:40 a.m.
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elevated bucket,, both were taken to the hospital, withb neither serious injuries, the crash is under investigation, secret service allows claimed it had donald trump release and they say his cell phone number andi social security number to reveal they reveal the findings in a youtube clip said it's time to uniteum information includes phone numbers and addresses and information of people close to him including his campaign manager and family o that i same if any of the information is real . trumps her forehead a growing movement to try to stop him . wanting to block his path to the nomination race and the possibility of a third party but ar top aide has threatened to give up hisp rituals as a convention delegate and leave
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blocked from nomination, most leaders still push for ted cruz. >> your choice is between poisoned or shot then you are still dead. >> donald trump on social media with series of postings aimed at ted cruz and hillary clinton,s if you think the candidate speeches are childlike you childlike mib ride be right, analysis finds that most of them usehi capillary and grammar of middle school students, overall the language scores settle between sixth and seventh grade reading levels,rang in contrast, abraham lincoln's keeper address scored the highest for grammar and 11th grade,oror george w. bush's speeches had the lowestg grammar schooler with fifth-grade level. >> you've heard the expression
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what about walking and texting ? new jersey lawmaker pushing for ornaments to make tasty walking illegal, they would get a 50-dollar ticket the idea to treatic it the same as jaywalking, and hopefully make people pay attention to their surroundings. >> we observed about 20,000 pedestrianss who found that about one third were distracted when crossing on the walk signal and that that was not bad enough we found that nearlye 40 percent were distracted on it don't walk signal so that would be darting out into the street .h >> addition to the 50-dollar fine, violators could kida 15 days in jail. >> march madness this year it's not fun to get eliminated when you have been upset by a lower seeded team and asking questionsps about any but any better one of the mood to answer silly
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>> was surprised that the rebound for 36 -- 32 how did he'll outreboundr baylor? >> hurricane hugo up and art venue grabbed the ball over friend with two hands>go, you come down with it and that is considered a rebound so they got one of those than we did. ed >> in your questions to the student athletes. >> billows right path and gil was 12th save. >> april showers are right around the corner if you want to avoid getting caught in the rainfall a smart umbrella is c does much more more more than just keep you dry it will also send an alert to your phone if it senses incoming rainstorm in measures temperature, pressure and light which you can check on your phonegh it is partially made from kevlar is now in the crowd-funding stage,
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will cost you anywhere from 30 -- $65. should have a leading tracker lightning tracker, you don't want the umbrellain . that activity at is this something i should add, also you will not need the umbrella tonight .
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they called her, low to mid '40 s the southern have to have the 60s and early 50s and 43 degrees cleveland and 30s will be our high temperature this weekend for the beginning of spring on sunday . then focusing on this low pressure . that will become stronger and eventuallyly a weekend for easter producing watches and warnings in texas and freeze warnings and watches in arkansas and southern plains states . watch the area low pressure is tracking just south this south and east and headed to the delmarva but in east coast cities that could
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sent some moisture away . looking for the newer easter, i think it is anticipating could be warm enough temperatures only need through sunday evening . if you travel east, you might be okay to stay tuned to the fox 8 weather teamt . they're silly ? with the temperature in track of the system, there could be a code into the one-inch,kk it is hard to take because it is the first day
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partly cloudy tomorrow upper 30 s starts sunny and then cause building .a but on sunday,, forecasting snowfall and upper 30s partly cloudy 40 monday that a slight chance of rain tuesday and wednesday the 16th . and chance of rain thursday friday. dano says they have come up with the ultimate design to deliver
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imo's pizza has a ,mo donald robotic unit, they say that you it can follow maps, navigate sidewalksth and avoid obstacles to keep your pizza hot and freshob while delivered to your front door you can even hold cold drinks right now it is only for australian customersc, the prototype at this point but no word on whether or not it will accept tips . >> sometimes you feel like smashing stuff and i'lll someone can profit, a new breakroom also from australia, for effete a fee customers can rent a room filled withr breakable items and then break them, the room slogan is
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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give your cat what they desire not what they don't. sheba entrees are made with real meat, and unlike the big brands, sheba recipes never contain corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors. p p sheba . pure cat appeal
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so, what are you working on these days? i'm studying one-celled organisms to try and find thneurochemicals of shame. at would a one-celled organism have to be embarrassed about? me as all of us, getting out of a car without undwear. speaking of underwear, i have some interestinnews... okay, if it's sometimes howie wears yours, leonard already to us. he was being funny. i'm pretty sure. anyway, i was asked to be a rt of a magazine article about the 50 sexiest female scientists in california. isn't that cool? i think it's awful. why would u say that? bernadette is a succsful mrobiologist.


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